Love is in the Air ❤

As I was once a music teacher I just can’t resist song titles as my blog titles but as it is Valentines today love is really in the air. No romantic meal out though tonight as I am still coughing. I have been quite poorly for almost 3 weeks now and after still trying push myself at work I am finally having a day off tomorrow. It has been a bad few weeks and I am really glad of some time off. Fingers crossed we will be at Foxglove this weekend. Roy bought some vintage signs which are really great and I am looking forward to finding a place for them all.

Hopefully I will finally be able to take some photographs this weekend. Hoping for some sun and some fresh air and most of all a good weekend.

I will be back blogging again now I am on the mend so keep reading!

Still looking for ideas for the re-paint. Saw a great idea on “Diary of a Boat Woman” as Jo had taken a photo of the back of someone’s boat which had a great big red heart on it. I collect anything to do with hearts and I thought the big red heart was a great idea…..don’t think Roy thinks the same! He will be convinced during the next 2 months…. I will get my hearts somewhere on the boat!!


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1 Response to Love is in the Air ❤

  1. Jo says:

    Poor you, coughing can wear you out, so glad to hear your on the mend.
    The boat with the heart on the stern is Derwent 6 and belongs to friends of our Al and Del. I do love that heart.
    I am sure you will find what your looking for. Have a lovely weekend. Jo xx

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