Tap To Snooze

IMG_3873IMG_3878IMG_3876Well what an early start to the day. We set the alarm for 7am but we were so tired that I wacked the alarm to switch it off rather than the gentle tap to snooze button. Get up , get up I told myself, otherwise CRT will be knocking on the boat and we will be in our pyjamas!!. Not a good look. So after dragging myself out of bed, breakfast was made, eaten, boat tided, bed made etc etc and we were off at just turned 8am!!! We were the only boat moored up outside Harecastle tunnel so we made it through in record time……28 minutes!!! (+7) Just a private little joke there with someone we know J The water is always very brown on the exit and entrance to the tunnel. Roy said its because the local Bisto factory pours their waste into the canal.!! He is so not funny!!

IMG_3925IMG_3932We knew today was going to b e a long one as we aimed to do 26 locks!!. We were traveling through the Cheshire Locks also known as Heartbreak Hill…Don’t know about that, arm ache, back ache and knackering is more suitable!! Even the dog (Wish) is shattered that when we stopped she fell straight asleep in the back cabin. It was a beautiful day again, clear blue skies and you could even see Mow Cop castle in the distance. Very quiet on the canals again, in fact we had done 14 locks, which may I add were all against us, then suddenly we both gave a cheer as we saw our first boat of the day just coming straight out of a lock ready for us to go into…….YEAH!!! That also probably meant that the next 12 locks would be in our favour………..We hoped….and they were….another YEAH!!! Well we have covered 9 miles, 26 locks and I promise you Mr. Fuller that I practised my strapping in today (I will never go to heaven!! ;-)) Feet up now and a cuppa and a film…..hopefully I won’t fall asleep.

Rain tomorrow!IMG_3934IMG_3890 (2)

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2 Responses to Tap To Snooze

  1. Nancy Williams says:

    7 am start? That’s nothing! We’ve had the Grandkids to stay which means broken nights and a 6 am start to the day. Remember that? Seriously though, it’s great to read your blog now you’re back out on the canals. Have a wonderful time and may the sun go with you! X

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