Day of rest…or so we thought!

Nice lie in this morning which was well deserved after 1 weeks travel. Roy made me a bagel and a cup of tea whilst I was still in bed…I have got him well trained!

2015-03-13 10.57.05We heard the steam train calling us this morning so off we went on our travels to have a train ride…or not as the case may be. We only were going to spend a couple of hours there and have a ride on the train except it was £25.00 each for a day ticket. £50.00 for an hours train ride for 2 adults was a bit too expensive but what annoyed us that it was £44.00 for a family ticket (2 adults and a child). How did they work that out? We questioned it but they said that was the price so that was that…and we left. We got to take plenty of photos which was the main thing we wanted to do.

Off we went into town and browsed the shops then we stopped for an all day breakfast in a very popular café by the bridge.

2015-03-13 13.26.00 2015-03-13 13.27.17 2015-03-13 13.23.00 HDR 2015-03-13 13.10.07

Most of the shops of interest were shut so there was only one thing for it…we decided…or should I say Roy did, that we ought to walk to the very end of the Llangollen canal as you can’t actually get there by narrowboat, horsedrawn boats can and there was evidence they had been there on the towpath if you get my drift.

So here’s me thinking we were going to have a day of rest…NOT… and we have just walked for 3 hours. I am knackered now!

Back on the boat now. I am not moving for at least an hour.

I will have to move after that as a tidy and clean up is required whilst we have time. The washing machine has been running whilst we have been out so I want to get a few things done before the return trip starting tomorrow.

We get to do the aqueduct all over again. Let’s hope there are no queues as we have noticed each day there are getting more and more boats on the move.

2015-03-13 12.45.40 2015-03-13 10.42.51

I would definitely recommend this time of year to visit Llangollen by narrowboat if you want to try and stick to a schedule otherwise you could add days to your trip.

Let’s hope the weather is a bit drier for the return journey as it has rained all day again today.

2015-03-13 13.20.01

Chain Bridge Hotel

2015-03-13 12.48.40

Estedford Site

It hasn’t dampened our spirits though and as long as you are in the correct clothing it does not spoil your day. Just wish I could get a full waterproof outfit for the dog including wellies!!

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