Happy Birthday – Wish (7 Today!)

Early Start From Marbury

Early Start From Marbury

Well what a beautiful day it has been. The sun has been shining all day long. No need for coats or woolly hats. Love days like today, sitting on the roof of the back cabin just admiring the view as we are travelling.

Happy 7th Birthday Wish

Happy 7th Birthday Wish

Few more boats about and everyone seemed to be in the same cheery mood. Surprising what a bit of sun can do. We have traveled for just over 7 hours and are making great progress. No queues at any locks, which is fab as we have heard that during peak season the Llangollen Canal gets very congested, boats can wait around 3-4 hours just to get through a lock. Nightmare!!

Grindley Brook Staircase Locks

Grindley Brook Staircase Locks

15 miles covered today, 9 locks including the Grindley Brook staircase locks.We have the best mooring spot ever tonight, Cole Mere Lake. What a stunning view.

Overnight at Colne Mere

Overnight at Cole Mere

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2 Responses to Happy Birthday – Wish (7 Today!)

  1. jan and angus says:

    happy birthday wish see you soon xxxxx

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