Just A Walking In The Rain (Whistle)

2015-03-08 10.09.34 HDRWell that is what I was singing and whistling this morning as I walked alongside the boat as Roy was taking Foxglove along the canal. Wet and miserable… the weather … not Roy!!

2015-03-08 10.43.47I don’t mind the rain so much when we are travelling, it is the wind I don’t like . Waterproofs on and fire blazing away we were both kitted out for the next few hours.  You do have to amuse yourself in this kind of weather so the obligatory selfie is definitely required

Plenty of cups of tea and cheese on toast for lunch as we travelled in the rain which kept us happy and then later this afternoon the sun made an appearance which certainly brightened up our spirits. It has actually been a lovely afternoon.

2015-03-08 10.42.53We have travelled for 7 hours today, 15 miles and 9 locks of which the last 2 I can’t believe I managed to get through as the sun was shining so hard I could not see anything going into the lock…you just hope & pray and take it slowly…………worked for me!!

Lobby is cooking away nicely and dumplings just about to go in. It smells divine! Plenty for tomorrow which I like as it saves me cooking the next day.

We will be cruising on new waters tomorrow as we will be starting the Llangollen canal. Really looking forward to seeing the new parts of the canal we are yet to discover.

IMG_3900Rain & wind tomorrow and the temperature drops tonight to 0 degrees. I don’t mind, we are warm and cosy and still having a great time. We have also bought ourselves new walkie talkies, which believe me we have had lots of fun with…singing to one another at the locks…being rude (of course, that’s a must!) and basically just having a good laugh.


Let’s see what tomorrow brings…bit more rain and apparently wind….the rest is up to us!

2015-03-08 17.39.42  2015-03-08 17.38.34

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