Where did they all come from?

IMG_4601 IMG_4599 IMG_4597 IMG_4594

We left Llangollen Wharf this morning and all seemed quiet until we hit the canal, not literally by the way. With it being a Saturday it must be the start of the hire boaters…they were everywhere. IMG_4609   IMG_4622There were narrow sections of the canal which you can only get through 1 boat at a time. It proved quite challenging. I dread to think what it is like peak season; I can see it now…narrowboat rage. There were a few stressed people about …I think they start to panic when they see another boat coming. I used to be like that in our first year of boating. It used to scare the life out of me but through time you learn to slow down, definitely not panic and if all else fails, duck inside the boatman’s cabin and let Roy take over!! Ha ha.

IMG_4637IMG_4625IMG_4614 (2)I was in charge of the boat today and I was so excited that it was my turn to pass over the Aqueduct. It was a whole different experience steering the boat, standing on the back…it was a little scary. You worry about bumping into the sides and the ironwork giving way and then suddenly steering off the edge of the Aqueduct. I have a very vivid imagination…can you tell? Anyway, all was safe.

The weather stayed dry today but it has gone very cold. Fire was on in the back cabin though so we were nice and warm and with the kettle boiling away we had plenty of cups of tea on our journey.

IMG_4643Another great day!!

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