Familiar Sights

IMG_4647It’s amazing how you start to recognise where you are even though we have only ever done this journey once before.

We moored at Cole Mere a few nights ago and it was a glorious place to be. It is such an idyllic mooring spot, even more so today as there were plenty of sailing boats on the lake.

IMG_4667Lots of families out walking today and they make me smile when they stop to take photos of the boat and say what a beautiful boat but then as soon as they see Wish on the back of the boat all you hear is ahhhhh, what a beautiful dog. Wish has had so much fuss and compliments off complete strangers it is really nice.

IMG_4671It’s been a bit nippy out today so I sat inside the back cabin for short periods and did a bit of crochet. I can’t go anywhere though without Wish checking where I am. She is a very loyal dog…not to mention cute!!

There hasn’t been any locks today, only 5 lift bridges. The locks start first thing in the morning with the staircase locks. We are still making great time so we are definitely going back a different way than when we come and will be turning right at the last lock at Hurleston Locks towards Audlem.

IMG_4652We are already planning our next few weeks out as we are just enjoying being out ion the boat so much. Roy will just have to retire!! That’s the only answer J

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