Gone are the days of high heels!!

IMG_3967Just as we were getting ready this morning we heard a horn keep blowing. What a lovely surprise when we looked out the window to see Coalboat Alton. I have recently become friends with them on Facebook so it was great to see them out and about.

IMG_3993I left Roy to untie the boat this morning whilst Wish & I walked on ahead to check if it was clear at Barbridge Junction.

The towpath was extremely muddy this morning.  Gone are the days of high heels when I used to go to work as now it is the good old wellies. Woolly hats, waterproof trousers and wellies is all this girl needs now!!.

IMG_4017It was so windy out on the canals today that we really had to hang on to our woolly hats. It didn’t stop us from taking selfies though, even Wish got in on the act.

IMG_4042We had a bit of a panic when we turned to go into the entrance of the Llangollen canal at Hurleston Locks as there were diggers and all  we could see was  a big sign saying closed but luckily it was only the towpath. Roy still had to fill the second pound though where they were working so we had a bit of a delay. Thank goodness though it wasn’t shut.

The locks were very narrow, more so than normal and the boat only just fitted in length wise. This was the first time we have travelled through these locks.

IMG_4060Once we reached the top of the locks it was time for a quick water top up and a cup of tea.

It was getting windier by the hour but luckily the rain was holding off.

IMG_4089We passed Swanley Bridge marina where we were hoping to see a boat that was recently painted called Duxllandyn.  The couple contacted me via the blog to say they had also gone to Sally Tooze of Willow boat painting to have their boat done and they also went for the same colour scheme as us.  I have sent them our email address as I can’t wait to see the photos.

IMG_4099Lots of walking again today and helping out at the locks.

Wish is just loving it out on the canals. She always hunts for sticks at the locks. Think she found the biggest one today.

Talking of Wish, it is her Birthday tomorrow. She will be 7 years old. We have only had her since she was 3. She is still so much like a puppy and everyone who meets her just thinks she is so adorable.

Just look at this smile!!


We only had a bit of rain on the last hour of our journey today. We were very lucky. We have travelled for 7.5 hours, 10 miles and 8 locks today.

IMG_3971   IMG_4127   IMG_4114   IMG_4097

IMG_4119   IMG_4072   IMG_4082

It’s been another great day.

Sun tomorrow…YEAH!!!

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6 Responses to Gone are the days of high heels!!

  1. Alf says:

    Get yourself a belt so that you can tuck the windlass into it to leave the hand free to grab the rail when “stepping across”, much safer !

  2. Christine Woolford says:

    Hi Clare, Roy & Wish
    Sorry I haven’t replied to your New Year wishes, Clare, I have had real trouble with phone signal etc. Lovely to see you blogging again and on the move. I think you are really brave crossing the lock gates like that great photo!! I never cross like that far too scared!! I did have a belt for the windlass in the early days and the windlass slipped through and disappeared into the cut when crossing the closed lock gates so that was that! 🙂

    • First time I have ever done that Christine and I aren’t doing it again!! Scared me! Roy manages it in one easy stride. Hope you two are well? Any trips planned for this year? We are trying to get out more this year now we have settled more into this life style. I can’t velieve 18 months has passed already since we moved on board. Best move we ever did. Hope to see you both again soon xxx

  3. jan and angus says:

    You look like youre having a great time not just wish smiling xxxxxx

    • Hellooo Janet & Angus!!! We are having a great time. Today’s weather has been gorgeous. Getting plenty of exercise and feeling relaxed. Wish is loving it…she is shattered though every night. Xxxx

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