Day 2 of the Boat Move

What an exciting day today. Nigel ( the boat mover) has been fabulous and kept us up to date with his progress with pictures, texts and videos. I love the sound of the engine.

I received the texts while I was at work. My friends at work  think I have turned into a Sealion as I was so excited to hear the engine and see the photos  that I was clapping frantically. I think the feet were going at one point also, but I did not want to mention that. I am really, really excited.

First photos we received were of Foxglove moored at Teddington Lock. She looks beautiful. Then we received the first photo of her travelling on the Thames. Cool!! So exciting.

Then I was amazed to receive the first video of her in action. Just listen to that engine! Amazing!!
Nigel you are fantastic!I have also just spoken to Nigel and he has really enjoyed today and I am so appreciative of the time he has taken to also explain certain things about the boat to Roy and myself.
Even learnt the wheely thingy ma jig is called a “speed wheel”. Not sure what the pully lever thing is yet though. What i really like about Nigel is that he is enthusiastic about the boat as we are. Good luck again for tomorrow. Another day closer.

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