Love is in the Air

Nigel (the boat mover) has fallen in love!…………Who with???    No!
What with???   is the correct question.    –    He has fallen in love with our boat.

He has moored up tonight outside Tesco’s at Rickmansworth
(very handy for the shopping).

As they say “every little helps!”

He has kept us up to date with his progress today (DAY 3) and even though he said it had poured down with rain for most of the day he ended the text with :

……but loving the boat!

I have a feeling Nigel will be taking the long route home to Staffordshire as he is just really enjoying himself. He is hoping to be back by 26th October……..That is 2012 not next year Nigel if you are reading because I have a feeling he won’t want to leave the boat. Every day he is loving it more!

It is really nice to hear his enthusiasm though as it has assured Roy and myself that we have made the right decision buying this boat.

Fingers crossed that the weather stays dry for Nigel for tomorrow as he continues with the jouney back to Staffordshire.

“18 miles 19 locks. Stoppage at 2nd lock due to top gates not shutting , land and water contractors where on site dredging so we had enough troops to sort the problem 1.5 hours to clear.Foxglove ran very well.”
Nigels Log 19/10/2012 

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