Boat Safety

Nigel Carton ( our boat mover)  also does Boat Safety certificates. He told me tonight that as a top boat safety man he has had to perform a very important task. Me being a worrier wondered what on earth he was going to say. Anyway his very important task was to check the safety of the bath so Nigel has had a bath tonight to check it is in fully working order!! Men!!  Nice to see he has a sense of humour. I am glad he has had a bath then he can have a hug when we see him!!

He has made fantastic time so far and there is a possibilty he might be back by Friday.
The bets are on!!

He was out early this morning and was going through Blisworth tunnel at 7.30 am

Updated us later to say he had done the last “big lock” at Braunston.

He is on the Oxford Canal now just south of Rugby. He said you can hear a pin drop apart from a cow mooing!

Could be worse it could be farting!
Funniest thing I have ever heard a cow farting!

He will be on the Coventry canal tomorrow and Trent & Mersey on Thursday.

Getting excited.
Nearly home.

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