A Disney Motto

There is a very famous saying from Walt Disney’s Bambi, ” if you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all.” I am trying to keep that in mind when writing tonights blog…..count to 10, breathe in deep…..think positive. Had a bit of a shock tonight when visiting the boat, still breathing and I think I have counted to 50 so far….

Toilets in – Hurray!!
New cratch plank done …..very nice.
Fresh sealant put in where required.
Door access made for the spare cassettes for the toilet……

Oooohhh and forgot to mention……all radiator skirting (that have just been painted) have been all ripped off due to leak from the pipe……trip to B&Q to buy proper radiators in keeping with the boat…..cost a bloody fortune!! Ooopps…..counting to 100 by now……very nice radiators, will look lovely.

Tiny, weeny, glitch today…….WE ARE ON A TIMESCALE!!!!!………..but hopefully all will be resolved.

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