The Worrier

Anyone who knows me well enough will know I worry far, far too much. Well I am having one of those moments right now. I think I have put far too much pressure on myself to get everything perfect for this weekend. Having a complete worry session thinking it’s all going to go wrong because things are not quite finished on time before the flooring goes down and to top it off we have found out that the skirting radiators leaked probably due to the boat being left for a whole year and because there was water in the pipes  they probably expanded in the winter due to the freezing temperatures and  of cause this would cause similar problems  elsewhere of which we have found out today. There is a leak from the shower and also from the main water pump. I have calmed down now from earlier however the flooring is still going ahead but unfortunately some repairs will still need to be done after. I just wanted to try and get all the messy jobs out of the way before the flooring goes down because I don’t want it to get ruined. We will just have to be more careful if there are still messy jobs to do. Just wanted everything to be perfect! I am sure it will be but I guess it will take a bit longer. Hope it will all be sorted by Christmas as Roy and I really want to spend Christmas on there together and go away for a few days. Got to learn not to worry so much and let things take their course. Plenty of time I guess.

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