Oh my goodness, I got home from work tonight and spent 3 hours doing housework, mainly because our friend from Italy, who I used to work with, is coming over to visit and I have also invited everyone from work to come over and see him whilst he is here, so I just wanted everything to look nice. Not used to entertaining lots of people so I am a bit nervous about tomorrow night. Anyway, got a bit side-tracked there but the reason I am writing tonight about housework is that it would never take this amount of time to clean up the whole boat. Sometimes I wonder how much time I would save and have time to do other things if there wasn’t so much housework to do all the time. That is another thing I like about the boat. You are living in such a small space it does not take that long at all to have a good clean up.

Six more work days then Roy and myself will actually get a break. Cannot wait. Seems ages since we have had a day off. In fact the last day we took a day off was the day we had the survey done on Foxglove. It is going to be so nice having Christmas on the boat.

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3 Responses to Housework!

  1. Jo says:

    I did have to giggle whilst reading your posting, because I used to think the same thing when we lived in a house and then we moved on to our first boat and suddenly I had so much time to do other things. I would spend hours cleaning rooms in the house we hardly used and now on the boat I spent minutes cleaning a boat where we use every space. It is a joy to clean the boat and know that I and others can see the difference. I do not clean everyday which is fantastic and hey its a boat so who cares about a bit of dust. There is more to life that cleaning. Just think you could hang up your duster more lol.

  2. Jo says:

    LOL.. Remember to have a label on it say “Use once a week only”. I am a practical person so will always find easier ways to do things if I can ha ha

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