Still Alive!

Not blogged for almost a week now as I have had and still got a severe cough and cold. Stayed in bed for 3 days yet it still has not shifted it. Roy has caught it also and of course his is far worse than mine ( not). Anyway I have blogged as quite a few people have asked if everything is ok and are we still alive….. Yes we are…. Just about!! Lets hope we both are fighting fit again by the weekend. Looking at Roy at the moment I am not convinced!! His is Man Flu. 😉



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3 Responses to Still Alive!

  1. Evelyn Booth says:

    Wish you both well!

    Evelyn B

    • Thanks Evelyn. I will be in touch soon for that gift for Roy. It was supposed to be for Valentines but he will have to wait xx

      • Evelyn Booth says:

        Glad you’re getting better. I kept quiet when I knew you were both poorly. Please get in touch when you are ready…I cleaned it as I was doing some other things yesterday!

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