19 hours

It is now 10 pm and I am literally counting the hours until work has finished tomorrow. I am definitely going to finish on time tomorrow as this week has been horrendous and tomorrow can’t come quick enough. It has to have been the busiest month at Daystate and with it being a short month there has been lots to do. I really cannot wait for a relaxing weekend. If I sound fed up that is because I am!

Roy has been bidding on e bay again and got the best bargain ever. A really nice hand painted decorative ribbon plate for £5.50 Bargain as it is about 8 inches wide and beautifully hand painted. It is going in the boatman’s cabin with all the other things he has bought. It is like stepping back in time when you go through to the back cabin. I always think it looks like a little playhouse with all its little cupboards and castles and flowers painted everywhere. Very quaint.

Well I am off to the land of nod where I hope to be for at least 8 hours.

Oh and one more thing……..Diet starts as from now! I will have to do a weekly weigh in and note it each week on here. Perhaps it will keep me motivated!


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