Sunday Bathtime

photo4Took Wish for a lovely walk today. The sun was out and there were snowdrop flowers everywhere. This kind of weather really cheers you up. Wish played with a stick again most of the way until we stopped to take photos of the little lambs. The black ones are so cute. Considering Wish is a border collie you would think she would have taken an interest in the sheep but she didn’t. In fact she waited a few feet away as if to say “hurry up” I am waiting for my stick to be thrown!

photo2Anyway on the way back to the boat it was bath time for 4 little 4 legged friends. Their owners were washing them down in the stream as we went past. One of the little dogs looked a bit reluctant but he was going to be bathed whether he liked it or not. Thank you to the owners who kindly let us take the photo. It was quite comical to see.


photo1In the distance we could see Foxglove moored up and the closer we got we could smell dinner cooking. Smelt lovely.

It has been a lovely weekend as we had friends Haydn & Lynda over on Saturday who made us some lovely biscuits. Lynda had made them out of her Weight Watchrrs recipe book. They were delicious. Today we have had Angus, Janet  &  their dog Frank over which has also been great. We got Janet a birthday cake with a musical candle which she loved. Roy & Angus make me laugh. They both seem to be into their lace & ribbon plates!! Its not a girly thing though thank goodness it is a boaty thing!

The boat colour scheme has been a popular topic of discussion this weekend. We are definitely keeping it the same, but with some hearts on it 😁❤

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2 Responses to Sunday Bathtime

  1. Davide says:

    Clare, you don’t need any extra hearts on your boat…you’ve already got a beating one…it’s the ENGINE!…Roy, you know my bank account 😉

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