Back Tracking

I am always far too tired to blog at night. It has been a busy week this week. So I am going to back track over the last few days.

Catching up with Jessica has been lovely this week. My beautiful baby girl is so grown up. She will be 21 this year. Meeting up with Jess and her friend Becky was great. I let her have a drive of my car. She did really good considering she has only had 3 lessons. Perhaps one day Jess you will be able to drive me and your Dad about 😉 Lots of love to you xxxxxxx


Friday night we met up with good friends Nancy & Roger. Looking fantastic as always you guys! They took me out for a meal as an early Birthday present. Thank you so much to both of you as it had been almost 6 months since I had seen t2photohem last. In fact last time we saw them we had not long bought the boat and we were planning to do all the inside. It was lovely to catch up with them both.

Saturday was an experience in itself. My washing machine at home has broken down and it isn’t even a year old. The guy who came on Friday to fix it could not do it so someone else is coming out on Wednesday! The washing machine on the boat is not working properly either because the water does not get up to temperature but at least it rinses out and spins. So the plan was to take all the washing over to the boat, hand wash it all and rinse and spin it in the machine on the boat. Oh my goodness what a chore it was but I did actually manage to get it all done. I cannot believe this has happened so close to us going away. This time next week we will be on our way to get the boat painted. How exciting!

Today we have been over to the boat to make sure everything is clean and tidy for when we go away next week. Roy bought me a new iron for the boat!! That is actually what he said: “I have bought you a new iron.” It was a joke…..sort of! Saying that he can stick to doing oil changes on the engine and I will stick to doing the ironing. He also bought a new Sat Nav today as someone has stolen it out of my car. Some people are unbelievable! This would have come in really handy last weekend when we were looking at other marinas. We kept getting so lost.

Another thing we have had stolen was Wish’s extending dog lead. We had only had it a few weeks and it cost £26.00 This was stolen off the boat a few months back. We are waiting for the people to own up who did it as we had security cameras so we know who took it.I cannot believe how dishonest some people are. It really annoys me.

We have left the boat tonight all clean and tidy ready for next weekend. Five days of work to go. I am so looking forward to having some time off work and spending it on the boat.

Had a surprise in the post, Birthday card and present from Davide & Claudia in Italy. I was not supposed to open it until the 19th April (very, very sorry) but I was so excited to get the card and I could hear something in there that I just had to open it. This blog is so good to confess things sometimes! Thank you so, so, so much Davide & Claudia for the present and the card. The bracelet is beautiful. I will treasure it forever. Love to you both xxxx

Can you believe it that we are just around 1 week away from the boat being painted. It has gone so fast. Where does the time go. We are going to do the Four Counties Ring. Half of it on the week we take the boat to be painted and the other half on the way back after the re-paint. Lets hope there is as much paint on it when we get back to the marina as there is after it has been re-painted. There are going to be a few subtle changes on Foxglove when we have her painted. I wonder if anyone will spot what they are. We will make sure there are lots of before and after photos taken. So excited. 🙂

Many things to look forward to, Birthday, week away on Foxglove, the re-paint, going to see Blood Brothers at the theatre, bringing the boat back and having another week off work and cannot wait to wash the boat after it has been re-painted. I used to love doing it on our old boat. I know, I am strange but if I enjoy it who cares! Wait till the wax comes out…..polishing it is great !!

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1 Response to Back Tracking

  1. Davide says:

    Naughty girl!.We forgive you just because on Friday is your birthday ;-).
    To be honest we hoped in the poor efficiency of the Italian Post, but we were wrong.
    Ancora Tanti Auguri di Buon Compleanno! xxxx

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