Birthday Girl!

4photoYes that’s me. It’s my Birthday today and what a great day it has been. Finished work today and I was given some lovely presents from the girls at work. Thanks again Rachel , Lynn & Angie. I treated everyone to cakes and fish and chips as that is what we tend to have on Fridays. Good atmosphere at work today and now I can relax ready for our week away on Foxglove.

Fire RiskTonight has been lovely. I have been out with Roy & Jessica for a meal. Dropped Jess back at home and she had got me the most fantastic cake. I had to blow 41 candles out! It’s a wonder we didn’t need the fire brigade. It was great. Thanks Jessica and also for the lovely thoughts behind each present you gave me. I was really touched. Love you lots. Xxxxxxx

Well tomorrow morning we will be making our way out on Foxglove. just want a really relaxing and enjoyable week. That’s all I ask for.

Thank you to everyone for all the messages that I have received. It really has made today a great day 😊

2photo 3photo

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2 Responses to Birthday Girl!

  1. Jo says:

    Happy belated Birthday. It looks like you had a good one. My turn now lol, mine is on Sunday and i have more candles to blow out than you ha ha ha.
    We are in Stone until Monday and eating out Sunday evening. It is nice to be back in Hadar’s birth place.

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