foxglove 062foxglove 066Firstly, big apologies to everyone who was waiting for the big reveal. Of all the occasions not to have a signal for the Internet why did it have to be last night?

foxglove 073

There are so many photos and videos we have taken of Foxglove I could be blogging for hours so here are just a few, she really does look amazing.

Big thank you to all the people who have worked on her:

Sally Tooze
Martyn King
Rob Shone

We have lots of travelling to do now so we can reach Mercia Marina for Sunday so I will fully update the website on my return including all the people we met at Overwater.

25 locks done today and all paint still intact…. never been so scared going through a lock in all my life because of the new paintwork.

Looking forward to seeing the video. Lots to show and lots to say!

Will be back in a few days…. Keep watching !!

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2 Responses to Stunning!!

  1. mark says:

    Looking very nice. Would appreciate a few more pictures when you get the time. Watch out for those offside hawthorne bushes!

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