Back to reality…almost..

Well almost back to reality as I guess that will be work next week but what I mean is we are now back on the canals after spending 3 days on the river. It all still seems very surreal. It is just another world out there.

For SaleOne thing we saw was a piece of land for sale with its own mooring for sale where people have built their own quite unique buildings or caravans, large wooden building, you name it they built it. Got us thinking that if the house sells that is another option. It would be fabulous to have your own mooring space on the river with some land to do what ever you wanted to. Oooohhhh the possibilities!!

Sawley LockMet with Dave again at one of the locks who works for the Canal & River Trust. He showed a great interest in the boat. Turns out his son his married to Roger Fuller’s Daughter and his brother also owns New & Used Boats. That is where we bought Marpessa 2 From which was our last boat. Amazing the people you meet along the way especially when you know someone they know. It’s a small world.

IMG_0839Had some time to do a few hobbies today on the boat. one thing I have done is sewn some beads onto some lace for the lounge area of the boat. I think it looks really sweet from outside against the hatch doors. I enjoyed doing it which is the main thing.

Roy polished some of the brasses and the engine again just to keep it in tip-top condition. I must say it does still look stunning. Just wish he had the same enthusiasm with the ironing and housework!!

I really don’t want to go back to work on Monday. I really love this life, Wish does also, as she is in a new place every day finding new places to walk. Only 2 more days left 😦

I can add another 3 bruises to my body that I have done on this trip. One on my arm, climbing up on the boat from inside the engine room, that one really hurt, one on my leg again, can’t remember how I did that and one on my shoulder-blade which really hurt when I did it catching it on the folding swing door as you go into the boat. Where people write on their blogs, so many lock, so many miles in so many hours I think I might start and count how many bruises on each trip!!

Might be eating at some pubs for the next 2 days, almost ran out of food!! No drink also :-alcoholic or otherwise, just tea, coffee and water. Too hot for hot drinks though so just water tonight until tomorrow. Hope there is a shop on the way back tomorrow.

IMG_0822  IMG_0840  IMG_0816

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2 Responses to Back to reality…almost..

  1. Vicky-Louise says:

    Glad it’s not just me that bruises like that! I did my helmsman’s course and had the biggest bruises ever on my shin bone areas from jumping in and out of the boat etc. They turned some amazingly horrible colours too.

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