Master chef.

chefI am getting quite a chef……well kind of……attempted a few recipes which have turned out rather good even if I say so myself.

Cooked a bolognaise the other night which had white wine in it and milk!!! Very strange combination I thought as when I have made up bolognaise in the past , and I mean literally “made it up” as I go along, I have always used red wine. Anyway, this particular recipe had bay leaves in and all kinds of ingredients and it was absolutely yummy! Roy ate it so it must have been good šŸ˜‰

So great to have the time to make proper meals from scratch. I am going to try out my own carbonara sauce over the next few days and I am also going to cook a roast chicken which has bay leaves and lemon stuck under its arm pits later on today, cooked in white wine……lucky chicken. Shoving a chicken in the oven is normally as far as it gets but learning to do all the extras like the lemon, bay leaves ,wine etc make it far more interesting. I will let you know later if it works out o.k. Apparently the juices from the chicken and wine are supposed to make a nice sauce if I add double cream to it. Lets hope!! Ā If not there will always be the left over wine to have!

Still not lit the fire yet on the boat. I have set the central heating to 18 degrees and it has only come on on the odd occasion at night-time. The boat is very well insulated which I am very pleased about especially as I haveĀ heard we are going to get snow in October. Really?? I will wait to see it with my own eyes before I make any comments.

All jobs done on the boat today so dog walking,Ā then shopping then the famous roast chicken to cook later are on the agenda for today.

I am definitely going to start blogging more as the wi-fi is more reliable now and Roy has also just paid for another 12 months to keep the domain ”” so I best make the most of it. The domain name is about to expire and you know what that means don’t you…….that it is a year since I started this blog. It will actually be 1 year tomorrow since the surveyor came and looked at Foxglove and we then made the brave decision to buy her. What a year it has been. I have no regrets and I am so glad that we pursued the dream.

So many people we have spoken to who live on their boats would never go back to a house. Ā There is so much stuff I have left behind at the house which just goes to show that I do not need it. Life is much simpler and you actually have time for yourself again and enjoy what is around you. There is so much we all take for granted because we are always rushing around. I am so glad we found Foxglove.

She really is now home šŸ™‚

Home Sweet home

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