Going Cuckoo

The last of my items to sell was by beautiful cuckoo clock. Believe me if it could have found a home on the boat it would already be there. I am over the moon though where it has gone to. It has found a new home in a museum of cuckoo clocks. They have over 700 cuckoo clocks there. Take a look at: http://www.cuckoolanduk.net

It has been very hard selling some of our possessions that we have worked really hard for. It has made us realise though that we do fill our lives with unnecessary items and junk.

We are living on Foxglove extremely comfortably yet simply and making more out of life.

We exchanged contracts on the house yesterday and completion day is still this Friday. We are going to save ourselves a fortune. I worked out the other day that we aren’t even using £3.00 a week in electricity, yet I have a washing machine that is on at least every other day, tumble drier and dishwasher, tv, etc etc. That is a big saving on its own. We are still using the radiators at the moment which uses the diesel but I have to admit we have only just started using the heating this past week or so and it is only in the morning for an hour and a few hours at night as the boat stays really warm. Not worked out yet how much the diesel is costing at the moment but it can’t be more than £3.00 a week.

Another item where we have saved money is the food shopping as I have more time to plan and prepare meals and I have not wasted any food. The amount of times I have thrown food away at the house by overstocking ( can’t do that on a narrowboat because of space) and by not having the time or motivation to cook after coming home late from work. All that has stopped and we are eating really healthily and better than before.

I will be so glad when the house is no longer our responsibility because we can then just focus on the boat. The last few weekends have been taken up packing boxes, selling items and cleaning! Can’t wait to go out cruising…….few more days then we are off!!!

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