A Woman’s Work is Never Done

I have had such a busy day today I don’t know how I fit it all in.

Woke up reasonably early today………..7.30am………eventually got up around 8am. I love waking up then taking the porthole bungs off first thing and then going on the i-pad reading all the different blogs I am following.

Quick breakfast, shower & dressed then, I don’t need to go into all the personal details but I think you get the gist, then I decided to walk with Roy to his van as he was at work today.

Off we went, with Wish, and as Roy said goodbye Wish & I continued for our walk ready for the day ahead…………that miracle final happened today…….

breadYes today, I finally made some bread. It was the first bread I have ever made in my entire life. It was Parmesan and sun dried tomato bread. I don’t know if it was beginners luck or if I was just extremely careful in everything I did but I have to say it was fantastic! Roy said if I hadn’t have taken the photos he would have thought it was bought from a bakery…….yes it was that good. We had tomato and basil soup with croutons for tea tonight (evening meal) with lots of the bread smothered in proper butter! Deeeeelicious. Roy really enjoyed it so it must have been good as he is one of the fussiest eaters ever.

flapjackNot only did I make the bread today but I made some flapjacks again with a slight twist. I chopped some glace cherries and then threw them in with the rest of the ingredients. They turned out even better than the other 2 batches I have made previous. They say practice makes perfect!

As planned I also gave the boat a waxing, on the one side, which I was glad I couldn’t get to the rest because I was in agony by the time I had finished. The boat looks super shiny. Just got the other side again to do L

shinneyWell after the dog had been walked twice today, baked bread, made flapjacks, did some washing, hoovered, dusted, cleaned the bathroom it was turned 3 pm so I sat down with a well-earned cup of coffee and sampled one of my flapjacks……………had to try 1 more just to ensure they were good. They were!

The only other I was going to do today was cook that chili con carne which I decided not to do because the bread smelt and looked so nice I thought it was a shame not to have it this evening and I think the bread was better with tomato and basil soup than it would have been with a chili. I am stuffed! Chili Con Carne on the menu for tomorrow evening though.

IIMG_1697t has given out rain for the next 3 days so it looks like we are going to get wet as we are going out on Foxglove for a long weekend.

I am sure I will sleep well tonight as I am already yawning and it is only 9.30pm

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2 Responses to A Woman’s Work is Never Done

  1. Frank & Cherrie says:

    Hiya, bread looks great,can smell it from here,lol,hope you have a good weekend out on boat,shame about the weather,its really windy here,looks like you will have to moor up and do some more baking mmmmmm,see you soon , Frank & Cherrie, xxx

    • Hiya Frank & Cherrie, the bread was really good. Roy said not as nice as Cherries chocolate cake!! I would agree though. 🙂 Too windy here so we stayed put. Miss you both xxxxx

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