Christmas Cruising

Well it has been over a week since I have written but I have been too busy with the run up to Christmas visiting friends, having friends over, shopping and baking and ensuring everything was O.K. on Foxglove in preparation for our first live aboard Christmas on the canals.

gloriaWe left the marina last Sunday in a gap where the winds had calmed down. The cruise has been a bit stop and start because of the severe winds. Today has been the worst but we are tied up tightly on the canal side and it has still stayed dry outside so it has still been a very enjoyable day.

One surprise on the way was when we saw Gloria who used to moor next to us at Aston Marina well over a year ago. It was a lovely surprise to see her as we were on our travels and she was just to leave to go on hers.

sunkFew other surprises on the way like this sunken boat. Such a shame to see this just left abandoned. Apparently it has been there for a while.

Another surprise or shock we had was the amount of mud on the towpath. Oh my goodness………never seen it so muddy before. Not very practical with a Border Collie who has white feet. Wondered what we could do to “assist” the situation instead of keep bathing her feet so Miss Genius /Crazy came up with this idea of wrapping cling film around the dogs feet….worked quite well until one fell off so the next time I tried tying nappy bags around her feet…..worked on 2 feet only. The only way was the bath!! Not good when you have to keep an eye on water usage on a boat. Luckily it was only for one day as yesterday the ground was hard with frost and there was even a thin layer of ice on the canals. It soon disappeared once the sun came out.

mixerI have already putting my Christmas present to good use. As you all know I have really started to enjoy baking and cooking and so I thought it would be really good to have something to help me in the kitchen……..unfortunately Roy was not of any use…ha ha, so he bought me a Kitchen Aid. Love it already. Baked another loaf of bread yesterday which was so much easier than trying to mix all the ingredients by hand as you just put everything in the bowl with a dough hook and switch it on for 5 minutes. Simples! As the Meerkats would say. Baked some mince pies today which were also a success. Going to make another loaf again tomorrow as we have ran out of bread today.

On the move again tomorrow which is a good job as we are in need of emptying rubbish, filling up with water and the most important thing of all……..toilet emptying ( that was the polite way of putting it).

IMG_1278 swans plane

Enjoyed taken some photos on the way but I have to say that Roy took the best photo tonight………and I have not heard the last of that either!! I will let him have his moment though 🙂

moat house

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2 Responses to Christmas Cruising

  1. jan and ang says:

    merry xmas you two , great to hear where you are and loving the photos lots of love jan and ang x

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