Night at the Museum

night museumnight museum 3We spent last night and most of the day moored at the lower basin at Ellesmere Port. We really felt at home amongst all the boats there. It was like being at the heart and soul of the waterways.

This morning we took a look around the museum. It was fantastic looking at the historic working boats. The boatmans cabins were beautiful. It really is amazing to think that a whole family used to live in just that part of the boat. We have a boatmans cabin on Foxglove as most of you are probably aware but we also have the extra living space also. It really makes you appreciate how they used to live and work on their boats.

engine room

back cabin 2renovationsHorse





IMG_2208  IMG_2215  Skinner

Manchester SHip Canal  Lower Basin  Stables

Met a lovely family this afternoon just as we were about to leave Ellesmere Port. Elin and her Mum & Dad gave us hand through the locks. It was lovely to see the enthusiasm they had for the boat and how the locks worked.
Nice to meet you guys!!

Helping Hand  Helping Hand

It was a fabulous and interesting stay there. We wish we could have stayed longer.


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2 Responses to Night at the Museum

  1. Elin, Jen and Steve says:

    Thank you both for spending some time with us today and explaining the ins and outs of the locks. Keep us up to date with how you are getting on, take care Elin, Jen and Steve x

    • Lovely to meet you all. Hope you enjoyed your day at the museum. I would definitely try a weeks holiday on a narrowboat. It is great family time, everyone working together.
      Keep in touch
      Clare, Roy & Wish xxx

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