The Return Journey

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We left the River Weaver this morning and what a beautiful day it was. First port of call was the Anderton Boat lift…………..going up! This time we shared the lift with another boat. It was a long way up.  The CRT staff are very friendly. Always willing to pose for photos J or perhaps it’s because I don’t give them a choice.

IMG_2352The weather stayed beautiful all day and we moored up a couple of miles North of Middlewich on a flash, beautiful setting. We happened to moor next to a couple I met back at Great Haywood a couple of months ago on NB Cornish Dreamer. Jackie & Ivan are a lovely couple and Jackie is very talented with knitting and crochet. When I met her a few months ago I bought some crocheted hearts and birds from her and from that moment I wished that I could do something like that.

As you all know I have got to grips with the knitting and I love doing that, but I had not quite got to grips with the crochet. Well after Jackie spent some time with me today I finally got the hang of it and she has taught me how to make some bunting. I have mastered my first triangle so I am very pleased. Love it, love it, love it!!!!Jackie has made some beautiful items and I bought a fantastic tea cosy from her today. Once you learn to crochet or knit the possibilities are endless. My creative mind is in overdrive!!!

Wish & Roy will be my next models for my next creations!! Ha ha

Lasagne and salad for tea tonight and I am going to keep this short as I have a crochet needle waiting for me!!!


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1 Response to The Return Journey

  1. Helen says:

    Hi It was lovely to talk to you on Monday, about your beautiful narrowboat Foxglove. I have a couple of images if you would like them. 🙂

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