Steamy Party!

This week we travelled to Bugsworth Basin on The Peak Forest Canal.

Had fantastic weather on the way up. As usual, as soon as we moored up each day, the heavens opened. We didn’t mind as long as it stayed dry during the day.Peak Forest  Bosley Pound Maintenance

We collected our daughter, Jessica, on the way so she could travel through the Harecastle Tunnel and spend the rest of the day with us. Being collected by narrowboat from her workplace was quite a novelty and we all had a great time.

We had planned to have our Kabola boiler serviced at Bugsworth, little did we know that it was the annual Bugsworth Steam Party – What a bonus!!

Bugsworth Basin  Bugsworth Basin

Bugsworth Steam Party  Bugsworth Steam Party

There were traction engines, vintage cars, historic Narrowboats, shire horses and a fairground organ. It certainly got busy.

Big Organs  Big Horses

We had a great weekend and our friends Angus & Janet also came to visit us.

Also bumped into Martin Fuller who was there with his boat Cutter and then another surprise visitor, Roger & Teresa Fuller came to say hello. Lots of cups of tea, biscuits and chatter not to mention some wine with my “drinking partner” Angus, all made for a very enjoyable weekend.

Martin Fuller  IMG_2777

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4 Responses to Steamy Party!

  1. Nancy Williams says:

    Hey up, Clare! I was just beginning to worry about you as it’s so long since we’ve heard anything. Glad you’re still enjoying your life on the water. Lots of love from Roger and Nancy. XXX

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Clare and Roy,
    It has been ages since I caught up with your blog. Life seems to have overtaken me. Sorry 😦
    Hope you are both keeping well. Best wishes to you both and to Wish as well
    Karen xx

  3. Ian Goodier (From Gough) says:

    The Harecastle Tunnel is quite close to where I live and my old school is only a matter of a few yds away. The canal water is always orange. Lovely run from there down through Red Bull and Church Lawton.

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