My favourite shop! Roy’s worst nightmare!

I have already started to plan how we are going to furnish and decorate the boat. This is the part I like doing……..Roy can deal with the engine and the generator and the composting toilet, I will deal with the home furnishings!!

Off we went this afternoon to Laura Ashley. My favourite shop.

They have a sale on today so it was necessary to go today before the sale ended, at least this is what I told Roy. Into the shop we went, I am smiling and so excited and Roy is about 10 steps behind. Trying to get him enthusiatic when it comes to home furnishings is a hard task as I am sure most women would understand but eventually he started to show a bit of enthusiasm. I think this was after I told him not to be so rude after he started yawning in front of one of the staff!! Anyway, we chose 2 chairs, a footstool, a little table and a couple of cushions with the help of Gilli from Laura Ashley. I told her all about the boat and she was so nice and shared in part of that excitement with us today. We will be back Gilli in a few weeks to see what else we can buy to put on the boat……….Rugs, table lamps, more cushions oh and hopefully some brass bed knobs!! Don’t forget to look out for some for us Gilli!!

Off we went back home, really excited, well at least I was I think Roy was relieved it only took about an hour. Always next time!

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