Learning to be patient??

Believe it or not I am a very patient person. I have lots of patience with people but when it comes to getting things organised I like to get things done quickly. I really, really, really and I stress really have tried to get the boat back this week as we were originally hiring a crane and a low loader to do the job in a day……….nothing ever goes quite that simple though. The boat is too heavy for the crane and the expense to hire a different crane was becoming ridiculous so we had to go back to being patient and letting someone cruise the boat back for us. 2 whole weeks this is going to take…..2 whole weeks!!! arrgghhh.

Not only have we got to wait 2 weeks but the boat mover can’t move it until 16th October………Head in hands!!!! Me being me asked if there was any slight possibilty, pretty please, and begging and all of that pleading kind of behaviour asked if could it be done this week but unfortunatley the answer was NO! I have to be patient now. Oh my goodness 3 more weeks until the boat gets back to our marina in Stone.



What will we do with ourselves for the next few weekends until then? No time like the present I thought we need to plan how the inside is going to be. Roy then buries his head in his hands becasue he knows what this means…….Yes Roy, you know……trip to Laura Ashely!!!

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2 Responses to Learning to be patient??

  1. Davide says:

    Poor Roy…but think at the day when you’ll cruise with the wind on your face!

  2. Wind on his face. and the rain. Those are the days I will be sitting in the boatmans cabin nice and warm 🙂

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