The Story So Far

The adventure began 3 years ago in August 2009, with a quaint 37 ft,  Liverpool narrowboat called “Miss Pip Too.” Roy (hubby) decided he would tidy up a bit of the paint work while it was still out of water while I worked on the inside. Little did we know this was going to take us 3 months as Mr. Perfectionist (hubby) decided to do a whole re-paint!!!

He used to come home looking like the incredible hulk (without the muscles) as he was always covered in green paint. We also renamed her “Clare-Louise”, that’s me by the way , Clare. “Clare-Louise” finally got put back in the water end of October 2009 (the boat that is, not me) looking beautiful and shiny.

Little did we know at this point that this boat
would be the start of a new adventure.

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2 Responses to The Story So Far

  1. jan and angus says:

    Congratulations Clare and Roy great adventure for you , great blog cant wait to see the boat Jan and Ang .

  2. Thanks Jan & Angus. Can’t wait to see you on the 27th October. I will have a cuppa waiting 🙂

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