During our first year of narrowboating we had spent almost every weekend on the narrowboat, whether we cruised the canals or just stayed in the marina. It beame a way of life that we really started to enjoy and escape from the busy working week. We made lots of new friends some of which lived on their boat permanently. These people were known as liveaboards. The more we read about it and the more time we spent talking to “liveaboards” the more we had this crazy idea that we would like to try it.

I loved our little boat “Clare- Louise” but if we were going to give this idea of living aboard more consideration we decided that 37ft was not quite practical enough to live on permanently so we decided to sell and look for something more practical and that would not need much work as roy swore (and yes I mean literally swore) he would never paint a narrowboat again!!

“Clare- Louise” took 1 month to sell and we managed to find our next project, oops I mean boat. Marpessa 2 was her name.

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