Got myself a date!

“I thought you were married” most people will be thinking if they have just read the title to this post, well I am. Just celebrated 21 years! Anyway, for all those whose minds think differently I have got myself a date for the boat arriving back at the marina. The big day will be Saturday 27th October, if everything goes to plan. Our narrowboat mover is a nice gentleman called Roger Ferre. The journey will begin on the 16th October and he will be sending me regular photos on the way. So excited!! I wish Roy and I could do the trip ourselves but our work commitments won’t allow. I will be counting down the days until it gets here, yes just worked it out , 19 days to go! Oh my, that seems ages away. I need to be more patient!! Believe me if there was any other way to get it here quicker I would be doing it, but unfortunately there isn’t. In the meantime there is lots of planning to do. For example:

How do we get rid of a composting toilet??

If there is anyone who would like it please, please , please contact me. I believe they are very good especailly if you want to recycle your own ***t, oops I mean waste. Environmentally friendly is the correct word I was looking for, the word I was use for them is not in the English dictionary!

Each to their own!

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