Introducing the Dog

There is one individual who is yet to appear on this blog and it is my wonderful Border Collie, Wish. It is going to be really interesting when the boat arrives back at the marina because every weekend we go down we always say to her ” are you going to the boat” and her ears stand up and her facial expression change as if to say “come on then lets go!!

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For those of you who are not doggy lovers you would not understand where I am coming from and probably think I am mad for the way I speak to my dog, but for those doggy lovers out there you probably understand me totally.

When we go down to the boat she waits by the gate and runs along the jettie and waits right by our boat, so it is going to be quite interesting when we go down to the marina, (which by the way is still almost 3 agonising weeks away)  to see what she actaully does. I will have to video her, I think it is going to be quite funny! Keep watching

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