Are you sitting comfortably?

This is a question Roy and I will be asking each other today as we are going to be buying a new toilet for “Foxglove”. Yes that is the name of our new boat that we have now owned for one whole week and not seen since. More about that later though. So going back to the toilet, today we are going to be trying out toilets. Just like buying a new bed ( still got that to do) You have to make sure it is comfortable as you do spend quite a bit of time on them. I think if I carry on writing I may go into too much information! Anyway, the photos should be quite funny later. I will be in charge of the camera though. No way am I having a photo of me sitting on a loo, whether I am on trying them out for their comfort ability or not!!!

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2 Responses to Are you sitting comfortably?

  1. Davide says:

    Why don’t you keep the compost toilet?It’s the way to shorten your time there….;-)

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