Man Flu

Roy has just asked me if that is an appropriate subject to talk about, well I think it is as he has had man flu all weekend and so we were not able to go try out toilets. I am sure every woman would sympathise with me.

I was hoping to blog about our new bog but unfortunately not. Hopefully next weekend we will be able to. As we have spent most of the weekend at home we have still had a few things to organise and finally, fingers crossed, providing no flood warnings our boat will start to make its way back this Wednesday. Roy managed to find another boat mover, Nigel Carton. Boat license all in place, tunnel lights fixed, tank full of diesel, so hopefully everything will be ok. Can’t wait for it to arrive home, then the big clean up will began. Our best friends Rosa & Martyn have just bought theirselves a motor home and it is beautiful. Their house is the cleanest house I have ever seen and they have thoroughly cleaned their new motor home with toothbrushes where needs be and they have made an immaculate job. This has given me an idea….. Yes , I know….. I need to have a cleaning party……don’t forget your toothbrush. The toothbrush is not required for an overnight stay, only for cleaning in the hard to reach areas of the boat!

Oh Clare Dear…… I think this is what Roy was trying to say when he mummbled O C D!

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1 Response to Man Flu

  1. Davide says:

    As a man I sympathise with Roy….women can’t understand how bad man flu is!

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