The Journey Is Over But The Adventure Is About To Begin

Foxglove is back!
What an exciting day. Nigel text at 8am this morning to say he had left Fradley junction and before I knew it he text at 3.30 to say he had just done his last lock…… me that meant he was only 45 minutes away! Oh my goodness the excitement. Roy and I went over to the marina to meet him and so we could take pictures and video Foxglove coming in. We were like a pair of kids and I must stop clapping my hands frantically as now I look like a fully trained sealion, but I just can’t help myself, it was so exciting!

We finally got to meet Nigel and guess who was on the front of the boat, yes you guessed it, it was Tigger. I think he will be staying as the mascot for the boat. I have had quite a few texts saying Tigger has to stay. I think he needs a bit of superglue and a repaint, a bit like the boat, but all in good time.

The engine sounded fantastic as Foxglove came into the marina, and Nigel handled her fantastically. While he was still in charge of the boat we took the opportunity to get her filled up with diesel and then we had our first 1 minute trip on the boat from the diesel pump to our mooring space. The boat seems huge. I hope we will be able to handle it o.k. I am sure we will in no time. Can’t wait to take her out for the first time.

Well we have just got back from having a welcome home meal with Nigel and it has been lovely to finally meet him. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is thinking of having their boat moved. He has taken great care of it and his knowledge of boats and the experience he has is fantastic.

Well tomorrow Nigel will be saying farewell and leaving Foxglove. His journey has ended but our adventure is just about to begin.

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