Moving In

Today has gone far too quick. Where do I begin.

Well we met Nigel first thing this morning and he showed us how to start the engine. Unfortunatley this was not a case of  just turning the key. Bit of throttle by opening the speed wheely thingy ma jig up, then over to the engine where a button was pressed for a second and then I am not sure what happens next as Roy was hovering over the engine and I could not see a thing. It looked complicated though. I am sure I will get used to it. The boat was lovely and warm  which was great as it was so cold outside there was frost all over the jetties this morning and even poor little tigger had frost on his head!
We then took Nigel back to collect his car and we made our way back to Foxglove where it finally felt like ours. Had a quick look around wondering where to start and then Mike from Vogue carpets arrived to measure up. Carpets and flooring should hopefully be down in around 3 weeks time 🙂

As soon as Mike had gone we had our first visitors Janet & Angus. It was lovely to see them both and they gave us a bottle of wine and a card as moving in present which was lovely of them. Janet also removed 2 spiders for me. Brave woman. We were laughing so much though about the composting toilet.

You would not think that a toilet would make such a conversation piece but you just have to see it to understand. It is the ugliest thing you have ever seen and tomorrow it will be going.  Don’t think anyone is convinced with the idea of a composting toilet. Anyway, unanimous decision by everyone that the toilet has to go!

Some other fellow boaters came over to have a look and it was really nice showing people around even though we were in an absoulte complete mess. Started to clean some of the wood with some special oil we had bought and also with the help of my magic sponge a small part of the boat started to look and feel a bit better.

Took my kettle over today and we managed to get a cup of tea while we were there. We have left tonight with a good feeling inside. We are really pleased with Foxglove and we think it is going to make a lovely home. The next 4 weeks are going to have some dramtic changes as the work will start to begin. Even though Foxglove is in a bit of a mess at the moment inside it still has a really nice feeeling to it. Back tomorrow to get rid of the toilet! Bit of a shitty job 😦

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