Nowhere to park our bums!

Well last night was succesful as Roy managed to finally get rid of the composting toilet and today we have had help from a wonderufl man called John who has got rid of the settee for us also. So nowhere to sit anymore until all the work is done.

We have struck lucky with John. He is a really nice man who also has a boat at the marina. He has is own boat company and his craftmanship is…..WOW!! He has come to our rescue and he is helping us get a few jobs done on the boat that urgently need doing especially before any of the flooring goes down. Without him Roy and I would feel a little bit out of our depth as there are so many jobs to be done and only having weekends free and little time each night because of working during the week, it would just take us forever.

We have been over to Foxglove tonight just to do a little bit of cleaning , however all the lights have gone off on us so that put an end to that. We had a really ncie surprise though when we got there as the people who bought “Marpessa 2” off us a few weeks ago were moored right by the side of us. Nick & Emma who bought the boat from us looked younger than ever and so happy. Narrowboating obviously agrees with them. It was lovely to see Marpessa 2 again. Looked beautiful especially with the 2 lit pumpkins on top. Looking forward to tomorrow night as we will be visiting Emma & Nick and seeing how they have been getting on.

Anyway, all is going to plan so far. Already looking forward to the weekend.

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2 Responses to Nowhere to park our bums!

  1. jan and angus says:

    Love the video hope it has not landed on anyone close by . Jan and Ang

    • You missed all the fun! So did I thank goodness, apparently it got a bit messy. Think Roy has found a new way of saying “wait till the shit hits the fan”, more like his electric jigsaw 😦

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