Knights of the round table?

Well that is not quite true… is more “night of the round table”. Me being impatient as some might say, I just think I am excited, well I wanted to take the table over to the boat to see what it looked like as I was worrying that it would not fit. Panic over, it fits. It is beautiful. Tomorrow night we will take the chairs over, then at least we will have somewhere to sit and eat at when we are over at the weekends.

The boat is slowly coming together and whilst I think about, because I am still getting over the shock of it all, something else happened tonight very unexpected. We found a spider and I am slowly facing my fears. Roy touched it and it dropped down onto the seats in the boatmans cabin where I stood and watched for a bit and I put my hand down and let it crawl on my hand. It lasted for 5 seconds and then I started to completely panic shouting to Roy, ” Get it off, get it off”. Even thinking about it now gives me the shudders! Errrrr!

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