Busy weekend ahead

Feeling a lot better today which is good as we have got lots to do on Foxglove this weekend and we are expecting some people to come over to quote for jobs. One visitor is going to be Tina Paramore. She is a very well known boat painter and she is also the same lady who originally painted Foxglove in 2005. Quite looking forward to meeting her and seeing what she thinks needs to be done on Foxglove. We have asked her to come over to quote for re-painting Foxglove as we will need to book this in as I think her next availabilty is May 2014.

We will be taking some more items over tomorrow so at least we can start to cook on the boat so it is going to be good fun sorting a few things out because the more we do the more like home it feels. I can’t beleive this time last week Foxglove had only just arrived back at the marina. Few more weeks and Foxglove will start to look fantastic.

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