Dirty Weekend

Unfortunately not the kind of dirty weekend I would have liked. Roy and I have been cleaning up all weekend. The kitchen was disgustingly filthy. We have washed all the kitchen cupboards in and out and polished them all up with a wax cream. Roy has even polished up the granite worktops with a car polisher. It is starting to look a lot better. We have got rid of lots of rubbish of the boat even some folding chairs that had broken slats on them………we left them by the bins at the marina and within 30 minutes someone had taken them. Never thought they would have probably been great for firewood, at least I hope that is what someone has used them for cause they were in really bad condition. Still lots to before all flooring/carpet goes down. A think a few late nights and still busy weekends are ahead of us.

Tina Paramore came over today to give us a quote for painting the boat in 2014. http://www.canalnarrowboats.com/PAINTING.HTM It was lovely to meet her as Foxglove was originally painted by her. The boatman’s cabin that she also painted is still in good condition and we told her that we found a painting of a mole on there and apparently that is her trademark when she does her painting. Her husband came up with an excellent idea though…….so funny, we told him about the story of Tigger on the boat, he thinks perhaps Tina should paint Tigger somewhere amongst the roses & castles in the boatman’s cabin…….We will probably do this when the time comes!

We had more visitors this weekend at the boat. One huge family!

The Swan had come with her signets. They have grown so much. This is one of the nicest things about being on the canals seeing all the wildlife. All quite amazing.

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4 Responses to Dirty Weekend

  1. nigel says:

    I really hope your looking after Tigger? x

    • Hi Nigel, Tigger is still sitting on top looking after Foxglove. Would like to arrange to go out on her soon as we are really looking forward to taking her out. Just trying to get all the jobs done first. How about this weekend? Fancy a trip up to Great Haywood and back? Let me know. xx

      • nigel says:

        I’ve really missing Foxglove and Roy and yourself, but this weekend I will be bringing a boat up from Milton Keynes to Fradley junction,will take about 5 days ,so I can’t help his weekend. However, after that I’m free, .
        I’ve promised Barrie (bank) a meal at your Bistro, for helping me out with transport, might be able to tie this in with taking Foxglove for a spin!! I’ll give you a bell next week if ok?
        To be honest, I’ve had a few sleepless nights worrying about Tigger, but now I will sleep like a baby knowing he is safe!
        Take care you two and look after my boat 🙂 xx

  2. The weekend after would be great. You can take Tigger back with you if you would like 😉 it would be my pleasure. Think you ought to take him as you mascot on all your future boat moves. Lol xx

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