Good News

We have found a new man to help us out on the boat. He has come to our rescue to do some of the big jobs on the boat whilst Roy and I are at work. The other man let us down which I am quite pleased about now as he was too expensive, so much so that when he quoted us for a few of the jobs I was gob smacked. That is quite a polite way of putting it. Anyway the man we found is Rob Shone. He specialises in narrowboats and undertakes any kind of work that requires doing. Anyway, he has already been over today and made a start. Well pleased!

Our toilet should arrive on Monday and he will be fitting that for us also. Never been so excited about a toilet. Roy and I will be starting some of the painting tomorrow. I hope it will all be finished by the end of the weekend. Lots to do but everything we are doing is making Foxglove look more like home. Hmmmmm. Nice thoughts 🙂

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