Avoiding the inevitable.

Today we knew we had to start some painting inside the boat as it was too far gone to be cleaned. We have put this off since we got the boat and hoped my “magic sponge” would have done the job but it didn’t. So off we set nice and early this morning (not) 10.30 am to start the painting……off we went straight past the marina and onto Midlands Chandlery. Far more interesting than painting.

We needed a new bow button fender as the one we had got looked like something Wish (our dog) had chewed. New fenders for the side (boring black). I wanted the marroon coloured ones as they would match the boat but Roy insisted the black as we would not see them and they would get dirty in any case. Convinced or talked around, I am not sure what he did, but we had the black ones. Bought another lamp for the boatman’s cabin as the one we bought a few weeks especially for the boatman’s cabin was too big so that has gone in the lounge (saloon) instead. Got to admit though it looks stunning. Got this months canal magazine and a lightbulb and then off we went back to Foxglove……….via the bread/cake shop. Bought ourselves some sandwiches and a
cake for lunch then headed back.

Finally around 1.30 pm we arrived at the marina to start the painting. 😦 Not before we had a cup of tea. So we put the fire on and boiled the kettle, sat down for about 20 minutes and looked at each other and thought…….we must start the painting.

We were dreading doing it because there is so much wood around the parts to be painted we thought it was going to take us forever. Anyway, team work went well. We got all the walls painted, radiator skirtings and even did the bedroom also to freshen everywhere up. We were all done by 4.30 pm and I have got to admit it is starting to look really nice. it has that “clean” feeling about it. Starting to feel more like ours.

We had our own personal firework display right next to our
boat today at the marina! Not impressed. Our new neighbour decided to get his angle grinder out and cut off the metal seats at the stern of the boat. Health & Safety was not his concern, sparks going everywhere. He really **ss*d me off.Come back Gloria!! You were our nicest neighbour ever!!!

Anyway, another day tomorrow, more jobs to do.
Looking so much better 🙂

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