I cannot wait to start living on Foxglove. We think if everything is in there in a couple of weeks time we might just take the plunge and do it. To try and run a house,a full time job and Roy has his own business and looking after a narrowboat is just too much. We decided this months ago and that’s why we shall be renting the house out. The holidays we have had on Marpessa 2 were fabulous. Just an easy ,relaxed way of living. Christmas will be lovely on there especially if the canals are not frozen and we can get to go out for a cruise on Christmas Day. The narrowboat has given Roy and I far more quality time together and in the busy, hectic lives that we both lead it is a welcome relief. I would recommend narrowboating to everyone. Dreaming of the day when we can finally live aboard. Mmmmm 🙂

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