Accident Prone

Roy was being nosy today and looked outside one of the porthole windows to see what was going on outside as there was lots of movement on the marina, so much so our boat started to rock. It was just another boat coming in, a bit too much revs I think. Looked like we were on the sea, all the waves rippling everywhere. Anyway, Roy came up to me and said ” I think I have cut my head”. Oh my goodness, yes he had. He had cut it on the brass oil lamp that we had bought that was right by the window. He hates the sight of blood. I told him it was pouring with blood and that he was going to need stitches. He started to panic and stated he was not going the hospital for any stitches. It wasn’t that bad, and it only bled for a couple of minutes. It was funny to see his reaction especially when I showed him the picture of the cut. He almost fainted a few years ago when I had to have a lump removed out of my arm under local anesthetic. There was me lying on the bed with a big cut in my arm and the bloody nurse and doctor had to go to Roy as he almost fainted! Hilarious. I mean oh dear, what a shame. Anyway, he is all o.k now. He is being very brave. Ha ha ha!!!

Done lots today on Foxglove and we were also invited for a cup of tea on someone else’s boat on the marina, Chris & Ann. First time we had seen their boat inside and it was lovely to see it as they had fitted theirs out themselves and painted the outside also. Chris was trying to convince Roy to paint all the outside of Foxglove ourselves. So hard to do this though when we are both working full-time and we just want to relax come weekends. We have done it before but I think Foxglove needs proper care and attention that she deserves. Inside is really coming along nicely. One more weekend to go before the flooring is put down. Getting a bit worried. I just hope all the colours that I have chosen go well together. It should make such a difference to the boat. Worried but very excited.

Measured up for a new mattress today so that is the next thing we need to get before we can move in. It is all going to come together in a matter of days. How exciting!!

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