One more week

I feel like the last few weeks I have counted the days down to so many different significant events happening.

Countdown to the survey day, then countdown till the boat was going to be moved, then the countdown till the boat arrived at the marina etc etc.

Anyway, we are on the last count down for a while now as in one more week most of the work will be finished inside. By next Friday all the flooring/ carpets will be down and Foxglove will start to become home.

Rob Shone, who is a professional boat fitter has been working on Foxglove all week and he has made a tremendous difference to the boat. We are really thankful for everything he has done for us and especially because he has done all the work that has enabled us to get all the flooring put down on time. Rob you are a star!

Early start in the morning as it will be the last weekend we have to get all the jobs out the way.

Still excited. Like a big kid at Christmas. Just loving Foxglove!!

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