Following In Your Parents Footsteps

What a wonderful sight I saw at the marina today, 2 adult swans with their 5 signets. They have grown so much. They crossed straight in front of my car as I was leaving today all in a straight line, following one by one. I love the wildlife that we get to see at the marina and on the canals. It beats the hustle and bustle of driving around town any day.

Talking of wildlife I also found out today that some of the crackled paint on the roof of Foxglove has been caused by bird poop. We have been told that as soon as see you see any on your boat you should always wash it straight off because the paint absorbs it. Depends on what the bird has eaten. There is a saying “muck for luck” but I guess not if it lands on your paintwork. That leads me nicely into telling all you readers out there that the new skirting has been put down this week due to having the proper radiators installed so Roy has been busy painting them. A guy called Howard has also been over and lay the screed on the kitchen floor ready for the flooring on Thursday. Few more days to get a everywhere cleaned up. Starting to look good. Can’t wait until Friday evening and see the finished result. Hope everything matches!

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