Bed Knobs

We are learning quite a lot about the traditional boatmans cabin now that we have Foxglove. Apparently it is traditional to have brass bed knobs inside the boatmans cabin on the port side. When a family moved onto a boat  years ago they used to decorate it with personal items taken from their home. Bed knobs were the most popular item. Roy is currently bidding on e bay for 4 brass knobs. Oh I could make so many jokes but I aren’t going to cause I am not that rude. We will find out on Wednesday if he will win them on
e-bay or not.

E- bay is really good as we also bid for some ribbon plates that we want. The boatman’s cabin is going to look very traditional. I am going to leave that area to Roy and he is going to surprise me when it is all done. Exciting!!

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