The History of Foxglove

When we bought Foxglove we were given a CD of the build, starting from the basic drawing, which was spray paint on the floor right up to the finished result. Roy has also found the original photos of the Gardner engine being rebuilt by Tony Redshaw. The engine was originally built in 1957. Roy is in progress of uploading some of the pictures. He said he is going to start writing on the blog when it comes to the technical specification!! Just to let you know I am the one who has written the blog so far and Roy is the one who does all the pictures and the clever stuff, so it has been great doing it together so far. Roy has already started adding the photos. Check out the menu bar on the home page. He will be adding more pictures every day so keep watching!

Fascinating finding out that the 2 people who commissioned Foxglove were musicians, so are Roy and myself. This is the first coincidence. The couple were called Duncan & Clare, this is the second coincidence as this is my name also (Clare, not Duncan)surprisingly spelt the same way. They also owned a black & white collie dog, just like our dog Wish.  Three coincidences so far. We are wondering what else we will find out when we search more into the history of Foxglove.

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